A Bizzar Love Triangle

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2 years
A Bizzar Love Triangle

Release: 6 December 2002 (South Korea)

Director: Mu-yeong Lee

Stars: Hyo-jin Kong, Eun-ji Jo, Kwang-il Choi

Genre: Comedy

On a space station in the not-too-distant future, two guests arrive early for a wedding, and the older tells the younger a story about the groom's father, who had been a well-known entertainer, and his selfish wife. The story, which starts in Seoul in 2002, is a bizarre love triangle of a comedian who never smiles, a Taekwondo instructor, and a whining woman who wants to be a TV star but who'll do anything to avoid being poor. Before the story ends with the wedding, there are jail sentences, a fatherless baby who needs a bone marrow transplant, a blind and forgiving masseuse, an abused melon, and lovers caught in flagrante delicto.