After the Harvest

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3 years
After the Harvest

Release: TV Movie 4 March 2001

Director: Jeremy Podeswa

Stars: Sam Shepard, Nadia Litz, Alberta Watson

Genre: Drama



An ill-tempered Canadian farmer Caleb Gare, who tyrannically treats his family like slaves, forcing them to work sunup to sundown and live in dire poverty so he can selfishly fulfill his dream to grab up all the land surrounding his farm.The only person who might have been able to stand up to Caleb was his long-suffering wife Jude, who has long since been cowed into quiet desperation lest her children bear the brunt of her husband's cruelty.But the reign of Caleb Gare is soon to end ignominiously -- that is, if Linda Archer, the attractive new schoolteacher in town, has anything to say about it.