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3 years

Release: 3 June 2006 (Japan)

Director: Masahiro Kobayashi

Stars: Fusako Urabe, Nene Ohtsuka, Takayuki Katô

Genre: Drama, War



Yuko volunteered to be an aid worker in Iraq and was taken hostage there. When freed she returned to Japan, but after being home six months she is still the ongoing object of harassment from her own countrymen. A co-worker finds many angry postings on the Internet denouncing her and spreads them very vocally, causing her boss let her go. He tells her that the atmosphere at the hotel where she works as a chambermaid has changed negatively as a result. Several anonymous phones are made daily to her at home where she lives with her father and stepmother, saying that she is an embarrassment and disgrace to Japan. She is even harassed by strangers on the street after buying soup at a local convenience store, ruining her dinner. Her boyfriend dumps her, calling her actions as a volunteer in a foreign country selfish, that she should have stayed in Japan and only helped her own community. Yuko's father supported her decision to go to the Middle East, and he defends her actions after her return, but his company is also receiving threatening phone calls over his daughter's actions. At the loss of her father, she dreams of returning to the only place where she felt her life had meaning, where children greeted her warmly as she gave them Japanese treats. She realizes that staying in Japan might cause her to become as cold as those around her, simply to survive.