Big Bucks The Press Your Luck Scandal

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3 years
Big Bucks The Press Your Luck Scandal

Release: TV Movie 16 March 2003

Director: James P. Taylor Jr.

Stars: Peter Tomarken, Bob Boden, John Mueller

Genre: Documentary



On May 19, 1984, an out of work ice cream truck driver from Southwestern Ohio broke the bank on CBS' hit game show of the mid-1980's "Press Your Luck" and made TV history by setting a record for the most money won by a contestant in one appearance on a daytime game show; A record which may have been long been surpassed with the Big-Jackpot game shows of today, but still stands strong as the biggest win in "Press Your Luck's" history. Was it brilliance? Was it cheating? And how did he do it? "Press Your Luck's" host and crew, the family of Michael Larson - the man who walked away with $110,237 in cash and prizes - and Michael's opponents from that fateful day gathered in Hollywood 19 years later to relive the events of that remarkable event in TV history.