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2 years

Release: 30 January 2008

Director: William Victor Schotten

Stars: Ashley Gallo, Gregg Biamonte, Debra Gordon

Genre: Horror



Christine and her husband Barry have bought an old fixer upper in a small town, using her recent inheritance, believing that fixing it up and a fresh start, will help her recover from a near nervous breakdown. Christine has invited her sister Lisa to move in with them unaware that she is having an affair with husband Barry. Barry, a police detective, only stays with Christine for her money and is looking a way to rid himself permanently of her. Lisa flirts with Barry under Christine?s nose delighting in the thrill of the possibility of being discovered. They find a secret room in the basement laundry with a heavy, titanium door with a cross and mystical writings, locked by an intricate mechanism. They joke about it but only as a way of coping with the mounting fear that it hides something horrible. Christine is tormented by the door, and tries and fails to break the lock to see what?s inside. A kooky, old, murderous, couple next door, however, know the secret behind the door from the house?s former occupants. They believe a vampire has been trapped there and by freeing him and exposing themselves to it, can obtain immortality as vampires themselves. While Barry is off at work, Christine enlists the help of a friendly, local locksmith to try to open the door. Meanwhile the old couple breaks into the house, armed with guns, and the tools they believe will gain them access to the secret room. They succeed in opening the door and releasing the vampire who immediately kills the old lady. The vampire re attacks Christine's sister, husband, continuing on to victim after victim. Finally it is the team of Christine and the locksmith being the only people in the town trying to stop it. After a string of bloody attacks and the body count rising, she tricks the vampire back into the room and locks it up once again. It is then we discover we have followed her in a paranoid hallucination and no one has died. Maybe there wasn't really a vampire after all. Or, maybe, there was.