Buried Treasure

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3 years
Buried Treasure

Release: TV Movie November 2001

Director: Adrian Shergold

Stars: John Thaw, Dominique Jackson, Wil Johnson

Genre: Drama



Harry Jenkins is a self-made business man, who one day receives a message that his only daughter has died in a car crash. Last time he saw his daughter was at his wife's funeral. When trying to deal with his daughter's affairs, he finds out he is a grandfather of a nine-year-old girl, named Saffron. Since he is her only relative, social services hands over Saffron to him. At first he tries to get rid of her, but he soon finds out that they share more than his daughter, Saffron's mother. They take a trip from Manchester to London, to find Saffron's estranged father, but they find so much more.