Busta Rhymes Everything Remains Raw

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3 years
Busta Rhymes Everything Remains Raw

Release: Video 18 May 2004

Director: Devin Dehaven, J. Kevin Swain

Stars: Busta Rhymes, Spliff Starr

Genre: Music



Introduction, Live Show Introduction, Run DMC, Ante Up, Make It Clap, I'll Never Leave, Fire, Light Your A** On Fire, I Know What You Want, C.L.A.M.P., Woo Ha!! Got You All In Check, Tear Da Roof Off, Scenario, Dangerous, Rides, Gimme Some More, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, Smoke Break, Get High Tonight, Holla, What It Is, Break Ya Neck, I Ain't Never Scared, Get Low, Pass The Courvosier Part II, After Show, End Credits. Bonus features: Flipmode Squad, Flipmode Garage, The Flipmode Fortress, Photo Gallery. Get ready to Tear Da Roof Off with Busta Rhyme's First Ever Live Feature DVD. From the sold out concert at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, "Everything Remains Raw" is a high definition, all access pass to life with the Flipmode Squad! Led by The General himself, Busta delivers one of the most electrifying performances to date. The concert features compeling ragga-influenced delivery to good effect with Busta's hits and classics including "Pass The Courvoisier," "I Know What You Want" and "Ante Up."