Deux petites filles en bleu

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12 months
Deux petites filles en bleu

Release: TV Movie 22 March 2014

Director: Jean-Marc Thérin

Stars: Christine Citti, Yann Sundberg, Lizzie Brocheré

Genre: Crime, Drama



Returning from an evening out, Simon and Julie Malherbe find the babysitter unconscious on the floor and their two six-month-old twins gone. A ransom demand soon arrives: 7 million euros if they want to see the girls again. While the father's company raises the cash the kidnappers organize their operation. They have two men to collect the money and a woman to take care of the babies. The three take orders from a mysterious boss called the Albatros. Who is hiding behind that pseudonym? Will their plan work? Will the girls' mother be able to handle the separation? The painful wait sows troubles within the family. Is the uncle, sought by the police, involved? What does the father really know? A fast-paced thriller in which the urgency is all the more poignant, as one of the twins is gravely ill.