Fake Preacher

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3 years
Fake Preacher

Release: 2005

Director: Juney Smith

Stars: Stan J. Adams, John Flecha, Perri Gaffney

Genre: Comedy



An experienced Harlem con man with his wife as his partner have engaged in numerous confidence games throughout their criminal careers, but this time he thinks he has come across a game that can't miss..."Preaching". Blessed with oratory skills he disguises himself as a Preacher and embarks on a mission to create a television show and build a church that will "serve the lord and his disciples" (ie. fill his pockets). But the plot thickens as women flock to help build this church; it seems that lust and greed are two sins he can't avoid! Soon this "Fake Preacher" has gotten himself into a life and death situation. Lord save his soul!