False Pretenses

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3 years
False Pretenses

Release: TV Movie 25 October 2004

Director: Jason Hreno

Stars: Peta Wilson, Stewart Bick, Melanie Nicholls-King

Genre: Drama, Thriller



Randal 'Randy' Ackers looses his family savings and the company's reserve funds in an 'easy profit scheme' and commits suicide. His widow Dianne hopes to build a new life in California but gets stuck with car trouble in Texas. To pay for the repairs, she becomes waitress Dee Dee in a diner. There the swindler, who apparently doesn't recognize Diane, recruits 'Dee Dee' as investment sales pitch assistant. Friendly local sheriff Nando, who has a crush on her, promises to help catch the trickster under his new name, unofficially as he has no cause for legal action. But more is not what is seems.