Heart of Fear

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3 years
Heart of Fear

Release: Video 6 September 2006

Director: Henri Charr

Stars: Annie Wood, Brad Sergi, Thomas Garner

Genre: Thriller



Heart of Fear is a thriller full of surprises and suspense evolving from the heartwarming story of a young ambitious woman and a little boy in search of protection and love. It is the story of FBI Agent Samantha Hunt and 9 year-old Taylor Greene, who has just witnessed the cruel murder of his mother by a notorious serial killer. Samantha has to gain the boy's trust in order to get him to remember what he saw the night of the murder. However, a career driven and sharp police detective and a manipulating news reporter make it hard for Samantha to find her way into the boy's imprisoned mind. The race against time is on when letters from the killer indicate that Taylor is in imminent danger.