Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!

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3 years
Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!

Release: 2003

Director: Josh Miller

Stars: Patrick Casey, Andy 'Hippa' Kriss, Maria A. Morales

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller



Recent college graduate Herman Schumacher has just taken up residence in an apparently great house with apparently great roommates. But all is not well. Why did the roommate Herman replaced leave all of his stuff behind, as though he never really left? And why do the rest of the roommates "assume" he joined a cult? And why is there a makeshift tombstone with his name on it in the backyard? And what's the deal with the monster that's stealing Herman's socks and living in a giant labyrinth under the house? As Herman searches for the answers he'll learn that they can only be found on a path that leads to sex, murderous murder, hole-digging, and a BATTLE TO THE DEATH!