It’s Not Over

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It’s Not Over

Release: 1 December 2014 (Belgium)

Director: Andrew Jenks

Stars: Paige Rawl, Lucky Mufundisi, Sarang Bhakre

Genre: Adventure, Documentary, Drama



A fresh look on HIV/AIDS through the lens of Millennials. What happened to an 'AIDS free generation'? Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks embarks on a global journey, traveling to South Africa, India, and middle America. PAIGE, a college student and activist, who was born with HIV contracted the disease from her mother at birth. SARANG, who contracted HIV through a partner, is a theater director, and one of the most prominent young advocates for gay rights in India (important given the recent outlawing of homosexual sex). LUCKY, a popular young man who lives in Khayelitsha, South Africa, does not have HIV but is a teacher for young people in a country with the highest number of people infected.