Miss Marie Lloyd

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2 years
Miss Marie Lloyd

Release: TV Movie 9 May 2007

Director: James Hawes

Stars: Jessie Wallace, Richard Armitage, Shaun Parkes

Genre: Biography, Musical



In the first decade of the twentieth century Miss Marie Lloyd is the biggest female entertainer in England, adored by her public, in a biography commented on in song by 'the Showman'. Marie's first marriage is to fellow music hall entertainer Alec Hurley but it ends in divorce. She then marries Percy Courtenay, an adoring fan, but he is side-lined as Marie's popularity grows and this marriage also ends in disaster. Whilst Marie is a huge hit with the public because of her down-to-earth attitude, some fellow performers, such as Nelly Powers, find her act vulgar and a Mrs. Chant takes Marie to a tribunal, claiming that her songs are obscene. Marie simply points out that any vulgarity is in the minds of the listener and is acquitted. However, she is considered too rude for the Royal Command Performance, in which Alec appears, and finances a very successful 'Command' performance of her own. Ever unlucky in love, however, her last relationship is with a much younger jockey, who abuses her and spends her money. Not in the best of health and drinking heavily, Marie collapses on stage, ironically whilst singing, 'One of the Ruins that Cromwell Knock'd About a Bit' and later dies at the comparatively young age of fifty-two.