Nocturne Six

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3 months
Nocturne Six

Release: 26 April 2014 (USA)

Director: Charlton Jacob Jacques

Stars: Nathaniel Jack, Jasmine Boyd, Nathan Witte

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

A prime-time network news magazine show premieres controversial leaked footage from a highly-classified U.S. government program named Nocturne Six that recruits citizens with extrasensory abilities. Forced into the program by unscrupulous means, these gifted, yet apprehensive citizens, known as "guardians", are sent to parallel planes of Earth in order to thwart imminent attacks by dangerous supernatural entities. A live investigation by the news show at the abandoned site of the Nocturne Six program quickly devolves and exposes the unearthly evils that the guardians faced in their treacherous missions.