Realms of Blood

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3 years
Realms of Blood

Release: Video 31 August 2004

Director: Robert J. Massetti

Stars: Nick Colameo, John D'Angelo, Dana D'Oench

Genre: Horror



On a dark, stormy night, two roomates caught in a power blackout decide to tell each other scary stories to pass the time. The first story is called "Pain Killer", about a Gulf War Vet. that returns home disfigured and mentally unstable engaging in a murderous killing spree after his wife no longer sees him as her husband. The second story called "The Cologne", written by B-Horror legend TIM RITTER (Truth or Dare, Killing Spree), tells the story of a nerd that can't get a date until he tries this special "Cologne", which works great at first but comes with some deadly side effects. The last story is called "Blood Runs Cold", about an aging Priest that is chosen by God to rid the earth of vampires.