Screening Process

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3 years
Screening Process

Release: November 09, 2004

Director: William R. Coughlan

Stars: Shawn Felty, Stuart Scotten, Nello DeBlasio

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Short



Kevin and his three best buddies get together regularly for a friendly poker game, but on this particular evening, the conversation touches on a sore subject: Kevin's persistent inability to catch a break in the romantic arena. As his companions joshingly recount his romantic misadventures, a consistent pattern starts to emerge - Kevin's entire conception of romance stems from his favorite films from the 1980s. And as if that weren't enough, despite his best efforts he can't seem to execute any of his favorite scenes the way they come off in the movies. His attempt to recreate the closing birthday cake scene from Sixteen Candles ends with him going down in flames. His channeling of Ferris Bueller (complete with borrowed sports car) merely inspires incredulity. What starts out as a successful Top Gun reenactment leaves him lying flat. His Say Anything-inspired boom-box serenade does nothing to impress its intended recipient. Still, throughout it all he remains absolutely undaunted in his philosophy of romance - a stance that may very well end up paying off, if only he can meet the right woman.