Snipers One Shot One Kill

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2 years
Snipers One Shot One Kill

Release: 11 January 2007

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Genre: Documentary



In World War II, an average of 25,000 bullets were fired for each soldier killed. By Vietnam, that number had climbed to 200,000. Yet, on average, trained snipers expend only 1.3 bullets per kill. It's no wonder they are called the "most hated men on the battlefield." From sessions at the Marine Corps Sniper School to the legendary battle between German and Soviet marksmen that inspired the film Enemy at the Gates, SNIPERS looks through the scope and takes aim at these specialized soldiers. Each of the four hours in this comprehensive set focuses on a different aspect of their training, missions and history: Volume 1 -One Shot - One Kill--See how the U.S. Marine Corps selects and trains snipers, and watch them in action from Eastern Europe to Vietnam.