Taco Bender

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3 years
Taco Bender

Release: 14 April 2003 (USA)

Director: Richard Sears

Stars: Jack Plotnick, Oleg Zatsepin, Danielle Weeks

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller



At Tio's Tacos, a stand near L.A.'s Lafayette Park, David hears a voice through the pipes of the urinal: someone is trapped in a basement room. David wants to do good, so he creeps downstairs and opens a heavy door: behind it is a massive shirtless Mexican man in a devil mask. He's El Diablo, a captive because of his manly exploits, who insists that David help him get away. Back at David's apartment, El Diablo drinks beer, eats salsa, and gets his powers back just as David's girlfriend, Jennifer, comes home. El Diablo carries her off to the bedroom where she comes under his spell. By the next day, David will do anything to get rid of his guest. Is it too late?