The Alien Invasion

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3 years
The Alien Invasion

Release: 27 November 2004

Director: Rich Kok Tai Ho

Stars: Daniel Quek, Jocelyn Lim, Koh Kok Wee

Genre: Action, Comedy, Short



After decades of watching aliens wreck havoc in America, "The Alien Invasion" brings the absurd battle to the comical side of Singapore. After seven thousand earth years, they have returned to harvest their newly grown planet of slaves. Discover how a glitch in alien technology allowed a small university, in a small country, to help save the world. Featuring Singapore's modern culture of diverse races and mixed languages, local occupational stereotypes, and the country's oldest university building, the adventure is told by over 80 cast members of real life university students, staff, and professors from the Singapore Management University. There's the ever-present desire to be heroes, even if only for a day.