The Bagman

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3 years
The Bagman

Release: 2002

Director: Beverly Beaton

Stars: Stephanie Beaton, Paul Zanone, Wil Matthew

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller



15 years ago, Jack Marshall's house burned to the ground, leaving him badly burnt with disfiguring scars and both parents dead! Everafter, he was cruelly teased and tormented by his peers. 10 years ago, when Jack was 17, his own private hell came to an end when he was savagely murdered by his classmates. Today, Sue Creswell returns to her hometown where it all happened and the terror begins! Sue reunites with her old schoolmates. One by one, they disappear in a swirl of grisly slaughter. Sue is tormented by an unknown silent caller and a trail of blood that leads to nowhere... Is Jack Marshall really dead?