The Revolting Dead

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3 years
The Revolting Dead

Release: Video 31 October 2003

Director: Michael Su

Stars: Shelley Delayne, Aaron Gaffey, Bokahra Robinson

Genre: Horror



An immortal Druid priest unleashes the powers of the damned on a family of grave-robbing morticians who disturbed his eternal slumber. For decades, the Crain family has operated a successful funeral home in the quiet town of Tehachapi Falls. Little do the citizens of this secluded desert town realize that their local undertakers harbor a dark secret: when they're not burying the dead, the Crain's are robbing graves and refurbishing used caskets for the next unsuspecting customer. When the Crain's disturb the remains of Jonathan Drue, the powerful sister of the deceased Druid priest calls on the corpses of everyone who has ever been wronged by the family to rise up from their graves and seek supernatural revenge.