The Trial of Gillian Taylforth

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10 months
The Trial of Gillian Taylforth

Release: July 12, 2014

Director: N/A

Stars: N/A

Genre: Crime, Documentary



The Trial of Gillian Taylforth. A reconstruction of a major celebrity court case, in which key scenes from the courtroom – based on court transcripts and newspaper coverage – are dramatised with the story unfolding just as it did in the original trial. These scenes are linked by interviews with those who were directly and indirectly involved, including witnesses and legal experts. January 1994: the Royal Courts of Justice. It was the perfect tabloid story: sex, celebrity, villains, the tabloids, a smoking gun – even an ambulance. EastEnders actress Gillian Taylforth was starring in the highest-rated soap opera on British television and simultaneously risking her reputation in a libel case against the Sun newspaper. Gillian and her boyfriend Geoff Knights claimed that they were the innocent victims of a salacious newspaper story, which had reported that she had been observed by police performing a sex act in their car in a lay-by on the A1. Taylforth claimed she had simply been giving medical assistance to Knights. The case hinged on whether Gillian or the policeman was telling the truth.