Venus and Fleur

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3 years
Venus and Fleur

Release: 23 June 2004 (France)

Director: Emmanuel Mouret

Stars: Isabelle Pirès, Veroushka Knoge, Julien Imbert

Genre: Drama



Lonely and withdrawn Parisian Fleur is spending her summer vacation in Marseille, at her uncle's villa. Her first day there, she meets Venus, an exuberant Russian girl who's just been dumped by her French lover. The two young women could hardly be more different and yet they strike up an immediate rapport. Venus reveals that her ambition is to catch herself a nice-looking Frenchman so that she can get married and settle in France. For some reason, the young men of Marseilles prove strangely resilient to Venus�s powers of seduction. When Bonheur, a friend of Fleur�s brother, drops by, Venus is convinced that she has found her man and immediately goes on the charm offensive. But again she is to be disappointed. Bonheur is more interested in the quiet Fleur than her man-eating companion...