Vs. the Dead

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2 years
Vs. the Dead

Release: Video September 2009

Director: Jeff Beckman, Phil Pattison

Stars: Dave Montour, Brett Hawley, Phil Fader

Genre: Comedy, Horror



In a careless government mix up, the deadly virus ROUND 2 ends up in a small Canadian City. Unsuspecting patrons of a local tattoo shop are infected with the experimental germ inevitably turning into flesh eating ghouls. It is up to Danny Druff and his friends to stop the zombies from taking over the city. This turns out to be quite a challenge considering all they are trained for is loitering at the local pizza parlor. With no option but to fight, Danny and the boys wage war against the zombies. The situation quickly escalates out of control and a brutal massacre ensues. Danny cuts, stabs, and shoots his way through the man eaters. It is a war he is not likely to win, but Danny also refuses to lose, so let the battle begin...VS THE DEAD.