What I Did for Love

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8 months
What I Did for Love

Release: 2006

Director: Mark Griffiths

Stars: Jeremy London, Dorie Barton, James Gammon

Genre: Drama, Romance



Call him a city slicker. Call him a tenderfoot. But don't call him a member of the family--yet. Rising L.A. lawyer James White is going home for the holidays with his fiancée, Sadie Ryder, to finally meet her family in rural Pine Gap. After blundering through a bad first impression, James attempts to win over Sadie's lawyer-loathing father Karl by pretending to be a horse-riding, hay-baling, game-hunting, seasoned square dancer. But a pair of worn jeans and a ten-gallon hat don't make a cowboy, and it's going to take more than mere posturing to charm Mr. Ryder...in fact, it just may take a miracle.