Will You Merry Me

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2 years
Will You Merry Me

Release: TV Movie 13 December 2008

Director: Nisha Ganatra

Stars: Wendie Malick, Cynthia Stevenson, Vikki Krinsky

Genre: Comedy, Romance



Rebecca, from an upper class Los Angeles family, and Henry, from choir-singing, tradition-bound Midwestern roots, are in love. Henry pops the question just before Christmas and the kids plan on gathering their families for the holidays in order to surprise them with the good news. The families collide-oops-meet the week of Hanukah just before Christmas in Madison, Wisconsin. It's a wild, whacky ride of good intentions and missteps as the two families try in vain to respect each others' traditions. It's not long before Rebecca and Henry learn the hardest part about being married might be dealing with each other's in-laws.