World’s Greatest Bar Bets

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2 years
World’s Greatest Bar Bets

Release: Video 24 November 2008

Director: Jon Richards

Stars: Alexis Conran, R. Paul Wilson, Jessica-Jane Stafford

Genre: Documentary



Easy-to-learn propositions and challenges to astound, impress and win you drink after drink. Alex Conran, Jessica Clement and Paul Wilson (of The Real Hustle (2006)) demonstrate a selection of startling and astonishing bar bets and challenges. Looking to get out of your round down the local? Scamming a drink from a bar full of strangers? Or just getting your own back on that uncle who never bought you a present? Alex, Jess and Paul show you a series of classy, easy-to-learn challenges using everyday items from wine glasses to bank notes, playing cards to eggs. The experts perform these proposition bets in a real bar, up against real punters. Facing an expensive round at the bar their "marks" are determined to win the bet - and even when they inevitably fail, the viewer still gets the chance to rise to the challenge. Then, in close-up, with slow motion sequences, they explain just how it's done - perfect for you to practice and cash-in by bamboozling your mates on your next night out!